Introducing Switch Video

Hi, we’re Switch Video. We create animated explainer videos for companies like Facebook, IBM, HP, Bayer, Abbott, and many more. We’ve made 450+ videos for clients in 15 countries and 10 different languages. That’s a lot of videos so it’s good that we love what we do.

Our goal with each new project is to unlock the full potential of every idea, product, or business we work on. Clients come to us with challenging new concepts every day, and we take pride in unleashing the full potential of each and every idea. Whether it’s a product that’s difficult to explain or a business that seems boring, we do what it takes to distill each concept into a simple message that’s easy to understand and connects emotionally with customers. If you’re looking to create an explainer video that tells your company’s story and gets your customers to take action, let’s work together.

The Talent That Brings It All Together

Our video team is located in Collingwood, Canada, which is where the magic happens. We have an in-house team of awesome script writers, animators, and producers who work in the same office. When you work with us, you won’t be collaborating with a scattered group of freelancers. We’ve been working together in the same office every day for seven years.

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We also have a sales and marketing office located in the San Francisco Ad District. Our SF office makes it easy to meet with tech companies located in the valley. It also keeps us connected to the pulse of all things Silicon Valley where everyone dreams and thinks bigger. We get inspired every day to seek greater opportunities. It helps to make sure we’re always improving and exploring.

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The Advisory Board

Our advisory board is made up of the best talent we can find to help Switch grow and explore new opportunities. We’ve got big plans, and we’re looking to grow to seven awesome advisors who can help us create and implement our vision.

Our 3 Promises

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When Andrew started Switch Video, he was frustrated with the level of service he received from many service providers and digital agencies. Communication was poor, and deadlines were constantly missed. It seemed like no project was ever completely finished until Andrew followed up 10 or more times.

This led him to make customer service a priority at Switch Video. The team worked really hard to come up with a professional process that helps them work with clients in a way that consistently delivers the best results possible and on time.

To guide this process, Andrew came up with three promises to let clients know what they can expect.

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We will set reasonable timelines and meet them.

We won’t promise what we can’t deliver.

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We will keep you informed.

It is important to know where things stand, so we will keep you up to date.

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We will complete all aspects of the job.

You won’t have to ask twice.

Whether you need a video in 5 weeks or you’re just getting started with your research, we’re ready to help. Get in touch today to get a quote and schedule a FREE consultation.

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Whether you need a video in 5 weeks or you’re just getting started with your research, we’re ready to help. Get in touch today to get a quote and schedule a FREE consultation.

Get a FREE Quote Today

Here’s what some clients had to say about our process and customer service:

You can read even more testimonials here.

Speaking Engagements

Thank you for a great presentation. In my opinion, your team was the best group there. You built an interesting and information-packed hour for us and I, for one, appreciated it. I also enjoyed your references to This American Life.

Jodi Garnett – Jodi Garnett Designs

Switch Video is available for speaking engagements for startups, training videos, or general marketing and can provide insight on video marketing, working memory, and the brain science of video.

Contact us to learn more or arrange to have a Switch Video speaker at your next event. You can also find Andrew on Speakerfile.


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Andrew Angus

Founder and CEO

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Heather McKibbon

Business Development

Articles We’ve Written

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