Jonathan Roth Once upon a time, Jonathan thought he was going to be a biologist. When people saw the critters he was creating in his lab notebooks, everyone figured it would be better (and safer) if he took those creature-making skills into animation.

Jonathan graduated from the VanArts Classical Animation program in 1998, and has been working since then for companies in Alberta, Maine, California, and New Brunswick. He has worked as an animator and supervisor on a wide range of television shows, including PBS NOVA, Happy Tree Friends, Three Delivery and Ugly Americans, as well as producing commercials and multimedia presentations for clients such as Fairchild Semiconductor, IDEXX Laboratories, Baskin-Robbins and Pepsi.

Jonathan is very happy to be in Collingwood with Switch Video, indulging his passions for creative arts, good coffee, and international cuisine. He’s also finding fun ways to burn off all the excess calories from those hobbies.