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For the past 3 years we have been spending a lot of time watching great explainer videos and have compiled this list of some of the best explainer videos out there.

Chipotle – Back to the Start


Switch Video – Our 3 Promises

Coca Cola Content 2020

TED Education ‘One is one…or is it?’


Dollar Shave Club

 Lots of other explainer videos:

1) One Trillion Dollars Visualized from Mint.com

2) 2011 Holiday Giving with Fred

3) World hunger – A Billion for a Billion

4) World Food Program – Haiti

5) Wikibrands – Reinventing your Company

6) What is Google Voice?

7) What is Google TV?

8) What is Google Chrome OS?

9) What is Data.com

10) What is a browser?

11) West Interactive

12) WeFeedback Turns Your Food Into Theirs

13) Waiting For Superman | Shock Awe Public Service Announcement US (2010)

14) Change the World – Microsoft Video

15) There’s Something in the Water

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16) uPlej Video

17) Twisted Pair Video

18) Tweet Up  Video

19) Top Chef University

20) Tokii Animated Video

21) The Story of the Cover Art Collection

22) Unemployment Game Show – Mint.com

23) The Story of Bottled Water

24) The Girl Effect

25) The Future Internet: Service Web 3.0

26) The Crisis of Credit

27) The Capture Project

28) C100 Animated 

29) RankPay SEO Services  Video

30) Techboom – Sonic Box 

31) Rypple Animated Video

32) Student2Student.com Explanatory Video

33) Square Everywhere Explanation Video

34) SpearFysh Animated 

35) Skype ’Moments’

36) Sharing in Google Docs

37) Sharing Should Be Simple

38) Bill Sharing and Group Purchasing Made Easy

39) Changing Education Paradigms

40) Realizer: An Introduction

41) Point Management Video

42) Parisan Love Video

43) Orizzi  Video

44) YAP  Video

45) Changing How the World Works Video

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46) Going West  Video

47) Noodle.com  Video

48) It’s Everybody’s Business Quiksilver

49) SharePoint 2010  Video

50) Business Productivity Infrastructure Optimization

51) Mass 2 One  Video

52) Loggly Epipheo Video

53) Kiva – The Pedro Story