Treating people well

I used to work for a company that have had zero goodwill from their suppliers. They achieved this by squeezing everyone, whenever they could and for whatever they could get out of them. I have reacted against this. I want people that work for me to be our biggest source of referrals. I want them to enjoy their work. I want them to enjoying working for me.

I really enjoy working with Henry and as luck would have it Henry really enjoys working for me! Here is what he has to say about working with Switch.

“My first encounter with Switch Marketing was through the popular crowd-sourcing website in which I entered a design contest to design a header graphic for one of their clients websites. After winning the contest, liaison was simple and swift, payment was instantaneous and more work was offered immediately.

From thereon in I continued to work for Switch Marketing and have earned over $4000 over a period of three months. Andrew and his colleagues have been incredibly easy to work with, very friendly and a pleasure to provide my services to. Never have I worked for a company so organized and so affluent in the technologies of tomorrow nor one so amiable, personable and efficient.

In this crowded marketplace Switch Marketing definitely sets the standards of dedication, good workmanship and client satisfaction lacking in so many of the other marketing agencies.”

(People often rely on customer testimonials. I personally would like to see more employee testimonials out there… that is how you tell the real winners out there.)

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