Our latest video!

What a rewarding project!

We had the absolute pleasure of working with Mark Joyner on a video for his new site www.neurogizers.com. We landed the project at 11 pm on Thursday night and the site launched with our video at 5 pm on Monday!!!

Mark was an amazing client – he gave us the information we needed and let us go wild with it! Trust! Gotta love it.  We waited for his feedback (trying to remember to breathe…) and this is what came back:

“Hey Jenn, I gotta say for such a short dev time you guys did a pretty amazing job!  Wow.

Did I say “wow” yet?

We’re mega impressed!  I love the slightly monty python feel to it.  So cool! :D”

Yippee! Happy dances all around!

It was also fun watching his twitter feed:

“markjoyner: Just watched Codename: NEURO promo video for first time. Almost cried. Seriously. On my mind for 20 years … Tomorrow! 9:15 PM Dec 14th from web”

Check out the video! www.neurogizers.com – The games are great! You’ll get hooked for sure!


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