Landing Page Design affects Landing Page Conversion

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Landing Page Design

Over the past couple of weeks we have been testing two video landing page designs to see which version converted visitors to our website into leads who contacted us at higher rate.  Just about 99% of our business comes from this landing page so it is very important to us that it works well. (click play above to see the results.)

But lets back up… we need to start with traffic and conversion.

What is Traffic and Conversion?

It all starts with the traffic that comes to your site. No matter what you are selling or promoting you want to drive traffic to your site. Once you have traffic your next goal is to convert that traffic info leads, sales, newsletter sign-ups – whatever your goal happens to be. That is all there is to marketing online. You want to build traffic and you want to convert that traffic into sales. (There are of course a million was to build traffic and a million ways to convert that traffic so it is actually not all that simple!)

In our case we want the visitors to our website to contact us and start a conversation about the videos we create. We use video to help us do that. The gist of it is simple. If you have a video on a webpage you are much much more likely to convert that visitor to a lead as compared to a normal web page. (I have seen figures that show video landing pages convert 2 times to 6 times better then a normal webpage, but more about that in a future post.)

“A landing page is the first page a visitor to your site sees.”

I landing page has a lot of different definitions and I myself use it in many different ways myself so lets look to an authoritative source on the top. Lets go with Seth Godin’s definition: “A landing page is the first page a visitor to your site sees.” So lets say you found us through the Common Craft Explainer Network (which based on our stats is pretty darn likely!) then you would have see a landing page like the one below. We have one goal on this page… we want the visitor to contact us. Simple enough.

Landing Page - Option 2

Landing Page - Option 2

Over the past number of weeks we have been testing two landing page designs. Both pages were almost the exact same as the one above. There was our logo, a video and an box where you could contact us. There was one small but in the end very significant difference. One page had a list of testimonials below the video, the other one did not have an testimonials. Going into the test I was pretty sure that the one above, with the testimonials, would win. I had no idea how huge that win would be.

The big winner... a 158% increase in conversion.

The big winner... a 158% increase in conversion.

As you can see the page with testimonials on it beat the competition by 158%! That blew me out of the water and is a huge difference for the business. Just think about it… rather then 7 people out of a 100 contacting us a much larger 17 our of 100 would contact us. This changes the game for our business and means we are much busier since we started using this new landing page.

We would love to hear what you think. You can check out our NEW landing page design and we would also love to know what you think.

What else can we do to help improve conversion?

What should our next test be?

Do you think a male voice of a female voice would increase conversion?

We would love your thoughts!

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