Office 2.0 Tips: FreshBooks

Freshbooks Can Streamline Your Business!

If you’re a small business owner in search of a solution to help with invoicing and the other myriad accounting needs of your ever-growing enterprise, then you obviously know the need for either human or software help (or both) that can take you out of the nightmare you’ve been living and start making your business run efficiently and productively. This is where software like Quickbooks was born, stemming from a need to organize and make sense of the many details necessary to run a successful business.

However, if you or anyone on your staff has ever tried to master Quickbooks, or Peachtree, or any of the other major software solutions out there presently, then you know what a pain that can be. Perhaps you’ve even tried to create your own solution on Excel, and found even more limitations and frustration, particularly if you are a freelancer or very small business. These types of programs simply take too long to learn and implement, and don’t quite do all that you need them to.

Enter FreshBooks, whose mission is to deliver fast and simple invoicing and time tracking services to help you manage your business. They even have a clever term for it: they call it “Unaccounting™ services”, all designed to save you time, money, easy and be secure and available 24/7. (Try that with your accountant!)

FreshBooks has revolutionized the process of invoicing and managing your accounts. They have moved this timeless business necessity into the 21st century, allowing you to create accounts, and send invoices online only moments later, either by email, or if you prefer, and have clients who refuse to check or have an email account, by an integrated snail mail application within FreshBooks. Imagine the cost savings you’ll realize by simply making this transition. Suppose you had a total of 5000 invoices that had to be sent out throughout the year, and transitioning them to online clients from offline, time-intensive billing services could save you a tidy sum of money, adding up to an impressive total of around $50,000 per year, not counting all that extra, unnecessary time wasted. What could you bottom line do with an additional $50 grand?

Everything is collected and stored for you in one simple account, allowing you to see the condition of your accounts at any time, day or night. The features available in your invoicing procedures include things like allowing you to automate your invoicing and collecting to the point of setting up auto-billing to automatically charge your clients credit card for their monthly invoice. They are also set up to use many of the current pay systems out there today, such as PayPal,, 2CO, ElectraCash and others. By allowing clients to view and pay their invoices online has been proven to make payments on the average 14 days faster than traditional invoicing. Clients have the ability to access their accounts, and their history with your company.

Late payment reminders go out automatically, and your data is safe and secure, backed up online to three sources in two different locations. The invoice creation is very flexible, allowing you to customize your invoicing in many ways. The output is very professional, which reflects well on you with your clients.

You are able to create fast estimates, and then convert those estimates to invoices at the click of a mouse. There is an extremely useful time-tracking element to the program, which can track the time spent on any given project, as well as give the client a working idea of how much time is being spent, helping everyone stay on budget and deadline.

You can track expenses on projects, and make sure they get billed back to the client. FreshBooks helps you to better organize your client base, and keep abreast of what staff and contractors you employ are working on at any given moment. FreshBooks is even brandable with your logo and colors, making your systems look even more professional.

But perhaps the best part of the FreshBooks experience is their obsessive compulsion with customer service. You can reach them by phone, and they will fall over themselves finding you a solution (I can attest to this). Online billing and invoicing is just becoming more and more accepted as companies search for ways to streamline their operations and become more efficient. More than 600,000  customers (Include Switch Web Video) have made FreshBooks their online invoicing and time management solution.

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