Have You Heard About This Cool Green Car?

A cool green car.

A cool green car.

The future is about to pull into the driveway. Have you seen this cool green car that’s coming down the highway? It’s called the Aptera, and for those of you who haven’t, it just may be the next really eco-friendly offering form the automobile industry in a sometime. The Aptera 2e is an all electric model, coming sometime in 2009, while the Aptera 2h, a hybrid, will make its debut in 2010, and promises an astounding 300 miles per gallon!

As if those numbers were not enough, there is much more to this vehicle than meets the eye. Some of its most attractive features besides its minuscule energy footprint would be things like its wide-stance, 3 wheel design, which makes cornering as smooth as silk, and its fluid exterior design, engineered to be the most aerodynamic design available. In fact, the Aptera 2e has a drag coefficient of 0.15, which is less than Lance Armstrong on a ten-speed! It also sports gullwing doors, which open up, allowing you to exit no matter how tight the parking space.

With Eco-Chic recycled seating, Smart phone connectivity, a rear-vision camera system, solar-assisted climate controls, a cavernous cargo compartment, side impact beams with driver and passenger air bags, the Aptera is a model of how we may be tooling around town in the very near future! Just because it’s small don’t discount its strength. This mighty mite sports a composite body structure lighter than steel but three times as strong.

I don’t think it will work well with the winters up here in Canada… but is sure is cool.

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