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I recently came across The Printed Blog which claims to be the world’s first newspaper made up entirely of blogs and website content. It’s a twice-daily free print newspaper which will be distributed in the mornings and evenings to various cities across the United States, and include recent comments just like regular blogs. Content in The Printed Blog is chosen based on the votes of readers in their geographic location. The result is hundreds or even thousands of highly localized newspaper editions based topics and stories the readers see as most important.

The founder, Joshua Karp, is a former software entrepreneur. He plans to mix national and local blogs, on news, current affairs and personal topics. The goal of The Printed Blog is to alter the way people share news and to help improve the state of the sinking newspaper industry. The company hopes that the hyperlocal content will attract local advertisers who will be able to spend less to reach their local target audience.

Visit The Print Blog website to learn more and check out the most recent issue.

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