We recently started using Blip.tv to upload and share our videos. Blip.tv is easy to use and also helps you to avoid the problems associated with embedding videos.

So what is Blip.tv? Blip.tv is a free videoblogging, podcasting and video sharing service. Uploading a video is really easy, all you have to do it fill out a simple form. You can place your video on your blog or several blogs at the same time just by checking a box. If you don’t already have a blog, blip.tv will give you one that can be found at [username].blip.tv. Another cool feature is that, when you upload videos, you are given a Show page.

So when we upload our video, we can not only embed it on our blog but the video is also added to our Switch Marketing Show page. The show page contains all the videos we’ve ever uploaded to Blip.tv. You also have access to all the statistics and reports associated with your account including easy to read graphs about stats like how many views and how the viewer found your video.

Another bonus: they do not require you to sign a license giving them perpetual rights to use your content.

Amil Agarwell, of Digital Inspiration came up with 10 Reasons Why Blip.tv is Better Than Youtube for Uploading & Sharing Videos on the Web

  1. Supports nearly all posible video formats – While Youtube only allows you to upload videos in standard formats such as AVI, MOV or the MPEG format. Blip.tv supports almost all video formats uncluding flv format.
  2. No limitations on video file sizes – Blip.tv doesn’t have any limitations on video file size, which Youtube has a 100 MB restriction.
  3. Video playback options – Blip.tv allows you to watch the videos in the default flash bormat or the orginal format, which Youtube videos can only be played in the Youtube flash player.
  4. Automatic Video Backup – When you upload a video in Blip.tv, you videos are also uploaded to their Web Archive whereas in Youtube, if there is a network outage you video is unavailable.
  5. Video thumbnail image – Blip.tv allows you to upload thumbnail images of your video which helps to draw the visitor’s attention and can be found in search results. Youtube doesn’t offer this feature at all.
  6. Video download options – Youtube doesn’t want you to download videos from their site but Blip.tv allows you to download videos in the original format with the same quality and it’s easy. All you have to do is right click the video and save as.
  7. Detailed site statistics – Blip.tv gives you statistics about your video including how visitors found your video, the preferred format, and where it was viewed. Youtube only provides rating, number of times a video was played and what sites are linking to that video.
  8. Viewer comments – Both Youtube and Blip.tv allows view comment, although you have to register to leave a comment in Youtube. Blip.tv also blocks spam with word CAPTCHA
  9. Video descriptions – Blip.tv supports rich text formatting for descriptions through a web based text editor. Youtube descriptions are limited to plain text and URLs.
  10. Video quality – Blip.tv maintains the original quality of the video but Youtube videos are automatically compressed and resized which changes the video quality.

So give it a try, you could become famous or make some money!

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