Video in Email… Almost

Embedding videos directly in an HTML email doesn’t work because most email programs disable or strip out the video. If you wanted to have a video in an email, the easiest way has been to insert words or a clickable screen shot that link to the video. But one email provider is getting closer to allowing video in email.

Gmail announced that they are working on a feature which would allow users to “preview YouTube videos in email” but this doesn’t mean that you can embed the video into emails…yet. What it does mean is that if you put a YouTube link in your email, those using Gmail will be able to view it at the end of the message.

The new Gmail Labs feature allows links to YouTube videos, Picasa and Flickr links, and Yelp reviews to preview at the bottom of the email message. To turn on the previews go to the ‘Labs’ tab under settings in your Gmail account. I tried turning on the previews option and sending a link. This is a screen shot of what the message looked like:

Pretty cool!

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