Greeting Cards Reinvented

Enthusem is personalized printed greeting cards that are as easy to send as emails. And like an email, you can include attachments. Yes attachments in a greeting card! Attach electronic files like videos, PDFs or web pages, whatever your heart desires. You will even get an email alert when the files are viewed. You are the designer. You can use any image you want for the front of the card and write a personalized message. Enthusem mail is more personal and memorable than email because it’s printed with your images and text.

How does it work you ask? Well with just a few clicks you can create a mailer that is then printed and mailed for you. Quick and easy. Enthusem is also a great marketing tool. You can send a high-quality postal mail from the web to an individual person which helps to build relationships effectively one-at-a-time. You can communicate a full message in a memorable way and still add online attachments which can be picked up online with a password that is provided in the mailer.

Currently in Beta version, you can try Enthusem free! Whether you want to say thank you to a customer, tell someone your following them on Twitter or you simply want to send a silly greeting card, its worth checking out. Maybe the combination of traditional and online content will be a great new way of effectively engaging your customers, prospects, family or friends!

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