So easy, a monkey could use it!

Mailchimp helps make email marketing fun and easy. With Mailchimp, you can easily send email newsletters to your customers, manage your subscriber lists, and track your email campaign performance. They’ve taken very powerful tools used by sophisticated marketers (like segmentation, a/b testing, and ROI tracking), and made them accessible to anyone. Plus, because the Mailchimp platform uses an open API, you can easily integrate internal systems (like Salesforce) and web applications with their email marketing engine.

Mailchimp allows you to create customized, appealing HTML email campaigns using user-friendly templates or even importing your own code.

Plus when you send out newsletters or email campaigns, MailChimp tracks everything for you! You are able to see who opened your email, what they clicked, who bounced, and how many times people forwarded your amazing campaign!

Go ahead and try Mailchimp for your next email marketing campaign! You’ll definitely be impressed with the ease and power.

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