Veggie Trader

Have you ever planted too many tomatoes or had an apple tree that grew so many apples, you didn’t know what to do with them all?

A Portland based company, Veggie Trader started because of a similar predicament. Rather then allowing the excess produce people grow to go to waste, Veggie Trader aims to help more families eat well, preserve the environment, and help out local economies, all while helping families to save or make a little money. Since their launch over 2400 people have signed up. You can read more about Veggie Trader and their efforts at their blog.

Veggie Trader works much like the classifieds. If you have produce you want to sell or trade, you post a listing describing what you have or what you would like in return. If you are looking for local produce, you just search by zipcode or by specific produce, or make a posting in the ‘wanted’ section.

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