The Future of Email Marketing

Goodmail Systems, a Silicon Valley company, announced in December 2008 that they will be offering a service which would allow users to embed video into emails. You may be aware that currently embedding videos into emails does not work because it requires Java Script, which is blocked by most anti-virus programs. The best practice prior to this development, has been to include a link to the video in the body of the email message. Now, with the Goodmail Systems, when the recipient opens the email the video is instantly played but without audio. Too avoid being too intrusive, the recipent must click to turn the sound on.

The Goodmail system, also known as Certified Video, was created with media companies in mind. The idea is that media companies can preview movie trailers or television previews in emails using the system. This new technology can also be beneficial for marketers in other fields who want to send out emails containing advertisements, videos explanation products or techonologies or just about anything you would have a video for!
Certified Video will be distributed, partnered with AOL, Yahoo, Cox, Comcast and others, in early 2009.

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