E-Commerce for Photographers

By just adding a few lines of code to their website, photographers and companies with lots of images can now sell their photographs easily online. Fotomoto, which is currently in invitation-only beta, is an e-commerce system that helps photographers sell their photos in a professional way. The goal is to allow photographers to focus on their photography without worrying about sales. Fotomoto handles all the steps involved with selling photography: processing the order, creating the print (or other photograph product), and shipping.

Plus it seems really easy! When a photographer signs up for Fotomoto all they have to do is add one line of code to their site template, which adds a toolbar to the site. The toolbar is then visible under each photo on the photographer’s site. This toolbar enables the consumer to either purchase a print or send the photo as an e-card. The online store does all facets of the sale automatically and photographer doesn’t have to do anything. To take a look at what the toolbar looks like on a site visit Toronto photographer Sam Javanrouh’s site. You will see the toolbar below each of his photographs. On the backend of the photographer’s Fotomoto account is the control panel. The control panel allows the photographer to set their pricing and photo availability, manage limited editions and view and manage orders. The most appealing feature of Fotomoto control is the detailed statistics compiled about your photographs like how many times a photo is viewed, purchased or sent as an e-card. These statistics could help photographers or publishing companies determine which direction to take for commercial success.

When an order is placed, Fotomoto sends the photographer an automated email with instructions about uploading the photo for printing, this has to be done within 48 hours. That’s pretty much all the photograph does because then Fotomoto prints the photo, packages it professionally and ships it to the purchaser. While adding Fotomoto to your photography site is free, you will still need to pay for the printing fee plus a 15% transaction fee which covers the Fotomoto costs and credit card processing fees.

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