If you have ever launched any sort of online application or technology, or if you are responsible for managing your company’s IT department, you are well aware that there can be many, many support issues to address.

We may have come across the answer to your support frustrations. Zendesk is a company that gives you the ability to offer online customer support. With Zendesk, you can track and respond to support requests quickly and efficiently. Through a complete online community portal your customers or employees can communicate directly with your help desk.

At Switch Marketing we use Zendesk to offer our e-learning and website clients support. When a client submits a support issue or “ticket” as it’s called in Zendesk, Lindsay, who manages our support requests, receives an email about the issue. When she opens the email, or ticket, and clicks on a link which takes her to the ticket online. Once in Zendesk Lindsay can respond to the tickets and then choose whether the issue is still open, pending or has been solved. It’s really easy to use and when used properly, ensures that you don’t miss any requests or issues.

Check it out! It could solve your support issues!

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