By Andrew Angus on September 3, 2009 is a place to share online video status updates. Users can create short video clips using a web cam or mobile phone and show friends where they are, what they are thinking or how they’re doing.

So why only 12 seconds? Well according to “the scientists” at, anything longer is considered boring.

To use, you can record a video using a browser, mobile phone, or other video recording device, and upload the 12 second video to Then, similar to Twitter, your video is displayed in the public stream, onto your “tv channel” and in the stream of your followers. Users can then respond to a video post using Twitter inspired @replies.

Users can also post their 12 second videos on Twitter, Facebook and Friendfeed or even embed the video into their blog or website.

An alternative service is offered through TwitVid,  which allows you to upload videos to Twitter. Currently, the maximum file size is 1GB and the maximum video length is 20 minutes.


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