According to a recent article by, 62% of online adults watch video online, this is double the amount in 2006. It has been discovered that 89% of young adults ages 19-29 watch online video content on video sharing sites such as Youtube and Google Video plus 36% of this demographic does so on a daily basic! This growth in viewers on video sharing websites by far exceds the adoption rate of any other internet activity.

Not only are more people watching video online but the integration of online video watching into daily life has begun to move into the spaces generally reserved for watching traditional television. 19% of all internet users claim to use video sharing sites daily, this is compared to the 8% reported in 2006. This growth can be attributed to broadband connectivity, which has enabled high-quality viewing experiences and increased the appeal of online video content. A study on Home Broadband Adoption 2009 revealed that 63% of American adults have high-speed connections in their homes. Amoung these broadband users, 69% watch online video content and 23% do so daily.

More and more network are putting television content online, and now watching television and movies is an online experience for a third of internet users. While most of the content on video sharing sites is user-generated, there is an increasing amount of professional content available through YouTube and new network-sponsored video portals like Hulu, a website offering commercial-supported streaming video of TV shows and movies from networks like NBC, Fox and ABC. And it seems network’s online efforts have paid off! 35% of internet users say they have viewed a television show or movie online, compared to the 16% who had watched or downloaded television shows or movies in 2007. And watching television shows or movies online hasn’t changed the way people enjoy their shows or movies, 23% (or 8% of all internet users) of those viewers have connected their computer to a television screen so they could view video form the internet on their television.

These findings demonstrate the pervasiveness of online video and marks an evolution of American’s television and movie watching habits.

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