Boost conversion rates with e-commerce video

Many companies use e-commerce videos to boost on-site product conversion rates. These retailers use video to educate the consumer and drive them to purchase. Videos on the product page can boost conversion rates more than videos placed anywhere else on your site. This is because by the time the consumer is on the product page they are already further down the conversion funnel than those on the homepage or elsewhere on the site. They are visiting the product site because they have intent to purchase.

There are a few reasons why well-done videos on product pages can boost conversion rates. These come from a great article about conversion and online video from the Video Commerce Consortium website:

  1. People are busy. Your consumer may not have time to research products. A video can help to draw the viewer in and makes it easier for the consumer to gather product knowledge.
  2. A video on can serve as the final push to persuade someone to buy. A video, with a human voice, showing the product in action which convinces the shopper they are about to make the right decision is much more effective than written product descriptions or product pictures. You should also be aware that while video can help to persuade the consumer to purchase it can also be a distraction from purchase.
  3. People understand video. People are both used to video and are, therefore, comfortable shopping by video

Another great reason to use web video!

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