Screenr: Easy screencasts you can tweet!

Just recently Articulate, a company that provides e-learning software tools, launched a new screencasting tool called Screenr. Screenr is a free web-based tool that allows users to create screencasts without installing software!

Screenr is really easy to use. Users do not have to down anything. All you have to do is click the record button at the top of the Screenr website and you are instantly recording and narrating your screen.  You can use your screencasts in a number of places like Twitter, YouTube, on the web in Flash or you can download the videos as MP4 files for your iPhone.

The best part is that Screenr is free!

The Aritculate Rapid E-learning Blog also shared a few great ideas on how to your your Screenr screencasts:

  • Add your Screenr videos to your blog, Wikis or presentation slides: Because Screenr provides you with an embed code you can easily add your screencast video to any place that accepts HTML. Screenr is also compatible with Articulate products.
  • Download your screencast as an MP4 file and add them to your e-learning courses: A bonus of Screenr is when you download your screencast as an MP4, the file is not branded with the Screenr logo. This is great especially when adding them to e-learning courses
  • Create a Virtual Whiteboard: At Switch Marketing, our animators use a table for illustrating. Screenr lets us use a tablet PC to simulate a whiteboard. This means that our animators (or anyone suing something that lets them do pen input) can do a screencast of what their drawing or writing.
  • Let your e-learning learner’s create their own screencasts: Have those enrolled in your e-learning program create their own screencasts to show their skills. Not only does it reinforce their learning but it also helps with their understanding.
  • Mobile screencasts: Why not make your courses mobiles? Most mobile devises and smart phones are able to play MP4s or videos from websites.

Those are great reasons for you to check our Screenr! That’s a great list of reasons for you to check out Screenr! Not only is it cool, but it’s easy to use and could improve your e-learning program.

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