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Matt Feindell solves problems you didn’t even know you had. As part of Switch Marketing’s Web Development team, he is responsible for making sure that all the stuff behind the scenes works wonderfully well so all you have to do is get those orders out the door!. He advises clients on how to change their writing style to maximize the value of their website and ensures that when the site is handed over, it is as simple to update as a word-processing document.

Matt didn’t start out working on websites. He completed a Diploma from Barrie, Ontario’s Georgian College in 2000 and since then he has been making computers do whatever you want them to do. He has been contracted by parents wanting to surprise their lucky gamers with a computer that may start out being the equivalent of a new but boring “hatchback” but by the time Matt has put in a a widget or two, the computer runs like a lamborghini!

For companies he has installed and configured computers that mean the site owners can (for instance) monitor the security of warehouses via laptop as they sip umbrella-laddened drinks from the wrap-around porches of their cottages. Basically, Matt’s specialty is helping to configure and install specialized programs that make technology run simpler – whether its your computer or your website.

He is with Switch Marketing as part of a Co-op Program of Georgian College’s Web Animation & Design course.

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