Prezi: non-linear presentations

Prezi is a web application which allows you create awesome presentations. Prezi is an entirely Flash-based app where, instead of traditional presentation slides, you create a large “map” and zoom around on ideas.

In Prezi you place text, images, video or PDF images on a large pane by using the editing menu, which is only visible in edit mode. You can play with the placement and scale to create interesting looking presentation maps and then choose the path you wish you presentation to take.

While is may seem a little complicated at first, the interface is much easier once you are familiar with using the ‘Zebra’. There are also a number of tutorial videos to help you create you first Prezi presentations.
There is a free version which brands your presentations with the Prezi logo and offers 100 MB of file storage. The next level package is €39 a year and provides users with 500 MB file storage and no Prezi logo. The highest package, the ‘Pro’ version is €119 per year. The ‘Pro’ has a desktop application so users can create and edit presentations offline and provides 2 GB of file storage.
Check out Prezi and see if you can create a cool presentation!

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