eMachineShop.com is the first online machine shop. eMachineShop aims to provide easy, convenient and low price customer parts over the internet by fully leveraging the web, software and their state-of-the-art technologies. Their online machining has made it easier for engineers and even non-engineers to make customized parts.

All you have to do it down the free eMachineShop 3D CAD software and draw the part you require. Once you are satisfied with your design, you just click for pricing and then order the part! The software provides the user with instant expert design analysis of the shape, material and finish to keep you informed of any machining limitations. After the part is designed, a 3D preview helps the user to visualize the final part before ordering. When the design is complete, the part if ordered through the software and sent to the customer. Not really related to animated videos but I used to make bike trailers and this is pretty neat.

I am not making these trailers now but here are two videos that has actually gotten quite a few views!

Although, I didn’t use eMachineShop, it’s a pretty cool way of doing it!

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