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Do you suffer from forgetfulness? Do you watch a video or read an article only to forget the important details in a matter of minutes?

Is your memory failing you? No it’s not. In truth, there is so much information to take in every day that it’s almost impossible to remember the details. That is, unless you bring an animated explainer video into the mix.

Studies have shown that by stimulating both the auditory and visual senses, the average viewer will remember 58% more. An explainer video engages the viewer on both levels making it perfect to use for several purposes such as:

  • Internal staff training
  • Explaining a new business concept
  • Explaining a new service or product
  • Engaging and converting prospects
  • Marketing lead generation
  • Public relations and promotions

The best explainer videos are short, compelling and aren’t overwhelming – allowing the viewer to absorb and remember the central message. Considering we live in a world where you’re constantly bombarded by marketing messages, sales pitches and social media – simply giving your visitors the ability to remember you becomes a very big deal.

At Switch Video we produce explainer videos in a variety of animation styles. Our process is designed to understand our clients’ needs, and in a 5-week cycle, turn those needs into reality through an animated explainer video.

Clients have been recommending us for years, allowing us to work with some incredible organizations like the United Nations, 3M or Pearson Education. We’d love to work with you too.

To view all of the explainer videos we’ve created over the years, visit our video portfolio at

Learn more about the process involved with making an industry-leading explainer video and the three promises that we make to every client.

An explainer video is an excellent way for companies to communicate a new concept, idea or service to their customers. Whether your goal is to engage employees with a new training video or to teach your customers about a new service, a good explainer video can’t be beat.

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