Student2Student – Textbook Exchange Made Easy

Has your wallet ever been victim to purchasing a textbook?

If you answered yes, then you are going to love our newest video! Oliver Berchtold, a young entrepreneur and student has created a service that aims to make college life cheaper for all. in an online platform that students can use for free to  exchange and sell old textbooks on and find the books they need. They can search by campus and if they can’t find it on their campus, they can use a compare feature to find the cheapest place it’s available. Cool!

Oliver was so much fun and so easy to work with, and luckily he thought the same of us! This is what he wrote to us once his video was completed:

“I am super happy with the video. Everyone was so super nice and very responsive. It was literally a perfect engagement. I really appreciated the easy-going approach. This is going to be great and I have absolutely no problem to put a reference on my page of Switchmarketing once it gets some traction. I am already thinking of some other portal we would like to develop so expect more business.
Thanks again for all the hard work.”

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