If you take a look at our portfolio you’ll notice a lot of videos produced for business to consumer marketers, but you’ll also see some of the videos we’ve created for business to business marketers.

B2B companies are utilizing the power of simple video to boost business and increase sales, and it’s working!

Recently, Daniel Sevitt wrote a blog for ReelSEO that included Brightcove’s recently published “Top 6 Reasons B2B Marketers Need Video”

  1. Grab people’s attention instantly
  2. Tell your story in less time
  3. Bring your ideas to life
  4. Make your site stickier
  5. Create a buzz with viral video
  6. Bring your website into the 21st century

Parsing that list into three types of video based on their natural homes – embedded offsite, on the site’s homepage and within the site – helped to identify the three kinds of online video for business:

  • Viral Video
  • Conversion Video
  • Educational Video


Check out the full blog post on reelseo.com to learn more about the three types of video mentioned above.

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