Use Your Noodle – A Video

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We first started chatting with Noodle on Twitter and it wasn’t long before we began to create this video about their crazy cool program!

Noodle is a work oriented social networking platform designed for efficient and fun communication within the workplace. That’s right!  A program that uses Facebook and Twitter like applications, discussion forums, team blogs and other great collaboration tools that enable employees to share documents, thoughts and ideas with each other. Cool, right? Like always though, the video does a far better job of explaining it than I do.

As the animator on the project, Eric Martucci said, “They left room for a lot of creativity and offered continuous feedback and communication, which helped move the project along quickly while still maintaining a high level of quality. They were open to ideas and suggestions and we worked well together.”

If you’d like to see how Noodle used this video you can check it out at

So what do you think of Noodle’s new video? We think it’s fantastic, but we tend to be a little bias so please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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