gShift Optimizes Your Web Presence & Organic Ranking

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gShift Labs Presents – A new way to get control of your organic web ranking!

In this video gShift tells us that there are 4 billion Google searches everyday and that 70% of those searchers click on organic web results AND that 95% don’t look past the first page of results! Hrmmm.. sounds like a good reason to focus some attention on your web presence.

With their new Web Presence Optimization Software, gShift has turned optimization into a science and the best part is that you don’t have to be a scientist to use it.

Working with gShift on this explanatory video was fun and even more so because they’re located just down the street from us in Barrie. Well, an hour down the street but that’s wayyyy closer than most our clients.

Jeff Wilson was the lucky guy to animate this video and he said it was not only, “a pleasure to work with the script and the clients” but gShift liked his cavemen so much that they had t-shirts made with them on it! They called it “The Evolution of SEO” and passed them out at a trade show in New York.

Our scriptwriter Ryan McDonald went as far to say, “gShift was one of my favourite projects to work on. The client knew what they wanted from the very start and they trusted us to deliver.”

So all in all an awesome project to work on! Hope you enjoyed the video and check out our portfolio to see some more of our client work…

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