Google Replay Simplified

[sniplet Google Replay Simplified]

Do you know what Google Replay is?  No?  Well after you watch this video you will!

Google launched this great new feature, which makes it possible for you to search tweets and Twitter feeds from the past. Initially you’ll only be able to search back as far as February of this year, but pretty soon you’ll be able to search all the way back to 2006, when the first tweet was ever tweeted!

This video uses Justin Bieber and Ernie to explain just how Replay works and why you’re going to love it.

I worked on this super fun video with our Marketing Animator Dan Shaw who has this to say about his experience,

“This video was really fun to work on and I hope it gets a great response! I especially enjoyed choosing the soundtrack because I haven’t done that before and think I’ll include music on future projects too.”

Let us know what you think – did you like the video? Do you understand Google Replay now? What about the friendly neighborhood music?

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