Education Is Key To Future Growth For Video Advertising

Check out this article on ReelSEO on the growth of video advertising and how more and more media buyers are planning to sink more dollars into it. Read the full article to learn how better educating the advertisers will help build confidence in the video advertising format..

BrightRoll dropped some numbers from their second annual survey about what media buyers and agencies are planning in regards to spending patterns for online video advertising.  Let’s see what they had to say.

Online video has moved into the comfort zone of many media buyers and agency execs it seems as they are spending or planning on spending more. 56% of them in fact stated that online video ads are ‘more effective‘ or ‘much more effective’ than other forms.

But that’s nothing. An amazing 94% stated they would be spending more in the area than they did in 2009. That’s up 7% over last year.

Brightroll CEO, Tod Sacerdoti said,

“Over the last year, online video advertising has continued to mature as a trusted and proven medium for reaching highly engaged audiences at scale across premium content sites online. As CPMs continue to drop, better metrics emerge and as the industry agrees upon a defined set of standards, the survey results show that this segment of online advertising will continue to become a staple in every media buyer’s arsenal.”

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