The Habits of Online Video Viewers Revealed…

I often come across articles that talk about the increasing number of people who are watching online video, but this post from ReelSEO is all about the habits of those who already view videos online.

The results of a study by One Touch Intelligence reveal that those who do watch videos on the Internet, dedicate about a third of their entertainment time to it!

Well, well, well.  Some 89686338 300x449 Households That View Online Video Devote 33% Of Entertainment Time To Itvery cool data coming out this week from One Touch Intelligence, which is a provider of “intelligence solutions for companies in the communications industry.”

They’ve done a study on American households and their entertainment viewing habits—with a specific eye toward Internet viewing.  They actually only surveyed households that already watch Internet video, and the study attempts to break down the habits of those folks.  So the conclusion isn’t your standard “More people watch online video!” kind of thing.  It’s more about discovering how they consume Internet video, and I found it pretty interesting.

American households that watch video on the Internet spend 31% of their “entertainment viewing” time to online video.  That’s kind of staggering, actually.  I am pretty progressive in my tech and entertainment habits—I like to be near the leading edge of a trend.  But I still haven’t completely cut the cord to cable service.  I’d be willing to bet I spend less than 31% of my viewing time on online video, probably something closer to 20%.

To give you some context on that 31% number, One Touch says that it’s more than twice the amount of time respondents spend watching DVDs, and five times the amount of time spent watching pay-per-view or On Demand content.

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