Early this month Kelly and I jetted out West to Seattle and LA to meet with all kinds of exciting people and business owners.

While we were there we stopped at Idealab to visit the masterminds behind TweetUp. As you may know (from several tweets and blog posts) we produced a video for TweetUp to explain just what it is and how it works.

Wow! What a cool place! All of Idealab’s companies share a huge space – like a giant lab of ideas! We met a bunch of interesting people including Bill Gross, Idealab’s Founder and CEO, Steve Chadima, TweetUp’s Chief Marketing Officer, and Kristen Ding, VP of Design.

About 99% of our business is run online so we never actually see the majority of our clients (aside from the occasional video Skype convo). So when we do get to meet with a great client or people we’ve been working alongside for months and months, it’s a very rewarding experience. Receiving an encouraging email from Bill Gross was exciting, but shaking his hand was a whole other thing!

If you’re not familiar with Idealab, it was started in 1996 by Mr. Gross “to create and operate pioneering technology companies.” They tested a number of ideas and turned the best of them into companies – several of which were the first to introduce new business ideas to the market.

You may remember a little company called Overture, the company that introduced the concept of paid search to the internet and was acquired by Yahoo! for $1.6 Billion in 2003. That was one of Idealab’s innovative companies and the ones that are currently operating in that great “office” we visited are:


If you haven’t seen our TweetUp video yet you can watch it on our YouTube channel or on TweetUp.com.

And if you would like to meet with Switch Marketing like Idealab did, Wayne and I will be traveling to Seattle tomorrow until the 29th and we would love to see you! Just send Wayne a quick email at [email protected]


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