Announcing Launch Pad Collingwood (BETA)

We are very excited to be opening up part of our office here at Switch Marketing to create an exciting, creative co-working space in Collingwood. Starting right away we have desks, internet, printers, a photocopier and other amenities available for lease on a part-time or full-time basis. We are looking to house creative businesses with a similar angle to Switch. We want to collaborate, engage and inspire each other. The end goal is to develop more dynamic, creative economy businesses in this gorgeous town. You can view the office in this video.

If you are an animator, illustrator, graphic designer, web developer, iphone app developer, or other digital media rockstar then we want to give you an awesome space to work. (And we will likely help you to find freelance work from our clients for things they ask us to do but that we don’t have time for.)


Please fill out our contact form and tell us what you do and why you want to be a part of Launch Pad Collingwood (BETA)

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