Adventures of a roving web video producer

Over the past few weeks I have spent a lot of time in Toronto and it has been a great new phase in my business life. Working in a small town has its advantages but the energy from a few days in Toronto keeps me pumping for weeks.

Just a few of the results of spending more time here in the big city include working with Task Ave. and Sprouter on videos, having great meetings with Mark Evans and running into Alyssa Richard at every event I attend.

I stay pretty connected to things back at the office, always on my iPhone or iPad touching base with clients and our team, and keeping Kelly abreast of what is going on. But even my iPhone, iPad and GPS couldn’t help with this week’s mishap.

It was easy enough to set up a lunch with my sister. She lives in Toronto. I am in Toronto. We’d planned to meet at noon on Wednesday. I was about 5 minutes away and called to say I was almost there. A streetcar went by, which she must have heard through the phone.

“Where are you?” she asked.

Manic Coffee … in Toronto,” I answered.


You see she assumed I was in Collingwood and I assumed that she was in Toronto.

Given the 150 km distance divide, our lunch plans quickly fell apart.

The moral of the story: Just because it is in your calendar and you are on time does not mean your lunch date will actually happen. From now on, I’ll be confirming not just the time but also the location.

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