Why videos work – the psychology of web videos

There’s no doubt that web videos are cool and fun to watch – certainly more fun than reading page after page of text. But does it actually work? Absolutely!

Beyond the fun factor, we now know that there are underlying reasons hidden deep within the brain that make explanatory video an extremely valuable tool for business owners.

Let’s start by looking at it in terms of time. Did you know that you only have about 8 seconds to capture the attention of a visitor to your website? Most people leave before they have read a single word.

And for those who stick around and start reading, what are the odds that they will remember your message once they’re gone?

Well, with text or audio, 72 hours later your visitor will only remember 10% of what they read or heard. How much will they remember if they watch a video that stimulates both their auditory and visual senses? Wait for it…..68%!

According to some fascinating research from the cognitive psychology field, there are three key factors to include in your video that will help to captivate an audience’s attention, keep their attention and send them home with a message they remember.

1. Keep it simple.

Our brain’s working memory has a limited capacity. Non-essential information can take up that space and distract us from learning. This is why we keep our videos clutter-free, with only the most relevant information and images – to keep the viewer focused on the message.

2. Know your audience.

Our brains process incoming information by filtering it through what we already know and understand. Your viewers will remember your information later if you help them make that connection now. That is why we use analogies in so many of our videos – to build on the foundation of what people already know.

3. Combine the senses.

Remember that your viewer will remember 58% more of what you teach using both audio and video (researcher Allan Paivio of the University of Western Ontario formulated this dual-coding theory). That is why we use narrators for all of our videos – to help the brain use the powerful combination of sight and sound.

As our attention spans get increasingly shorter, you have less and less time to captivate your audience and explain what you do. It’s now clear that having video on your website, mobile device or display ad will get a better response from your audience than pure text.

Here at Switch Marketing we design specialized explanatory videos that quickly convey what you do and why people should choose you. Visit us at www.switchmarketing.com today to watch some of our videos and see how we can help.

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