Landing page conversion tests show that video is King, and social media is the Kingdom

Our partners at Common Craft helped Dropbox create a landing page with ONE element – a simple explanatory video about the problem Dropbox solves, and how they do it. They reported back to Common Craft that they’re thrilled with the results, crediting the video for “several thousand signups a day that we wouldn’t have otherwise.”

In their white paper about making video accountable, our colleagues at EyeView Digital write that for their clients, “In some cases the boost in conversion was over 80% and the client was able to enjoy a return on his investment in video within the first week of the video going live.”

And here’s another layer to the story: Last year, here at Switch Marketing we did a split test to which landing page generated more inquiries from new prospective clients. Both versions of the page had a video (of course) that played automatically. But one version also had customer testimonials displayed below the video.

Can you guess?

The landing page with the video AND the testimonials outperformed the other page by 158%. Why do testimonials make such a big difference? Because we are in the midst of a social media revolution! People look to their own networks, and other network members, for feedback about what a company does, how well they do it and the customer experience they can expect.

What would you do with 80% more leads in your business? Find out by combining the power of simple explanatory videos with the social proof of testimonials.

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