Mobile apps – Jump in or miss out

Jump into the video mobile app pool!
In this presentation from Proof Integrated Communication on The State of Mobile Communications, we learn that by 2013 there will be more smartphones sold than PCs. Another astonishing statistic is that only 45% of total iPhone use is for actual telephone calls. The rest of the time? They’re surfing the Internet or using mobile apps.

TD Canada Trust, one of our clients, has jumped in to take advantage of this trend.

First, they created a mobile banking application that allows people to access their account and do their banking right from their smartphone.

Then, they added value to that by incorporating other useful tools for their customers who are on the go.

Been in a car accident? You can send notes, photos, and other details from the scene of an accident right to your insurance company using the TD Canada Trust mobile banking app.

Get a flat? You’ll find a written tutorial on how to change your tire.

And here’s something else in the report that you might want to consider: 60% of all data traffic from smartphones is video. So how about a video demonstration of changing a flat tire? Not only is that more in line with how people are actually using their mobile devices, but it would be much more helpful to that customer who needs it!

So it’s worth it to ask yourself… how are YOUR prospective clients using their smartphones, and what can you do to add value to their mobile experience?

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