Animated Video is effective marketing in the long term too!

Animated video has a long lifespan. And we can prove it.

Switch Video will soon be commemorating the one-year anniversary of an animated video we created for Ifbyphone.

The gist of Ifbyphone’s Animated Video

In the fall of 2009, Switch Video created a simple, effective, animated video that explains how organizations can make the most of their advertising with the help of Ifbyphone.  Ifbyphone tracks response rates to various types of ads using Call Tracking.  By assigning different phone numbers to different ads, the Ifbyphone App can track response rates to every advertising product a company creates.

Ifbyphone’s animated video has been extremely successful, approaching 18,000 views with more views every day. We couldn’t be happier for them.

Elan Mosbacher, Marketing Manager at Ifbyphone, and our contact for making their video, was wonderful to work with throughout the process.  Elan’s efficiency made the entire process seem effortless. He actively engaged in the creative process of making a video. Elan brought some great ideas to the table which gave our animated video production team some great building blocks to work with.

Learn more about Ifbyphone

You can learn more about Ifbyphone by either checking out their website or better yet, read their feature on the Google Analytics App Gallery where Ifbyphone is the top rated Call Tracking company.

Seeing how a video we created continues to benefit one our clients over a year later and the fact that they get more views on their video every day couldn’t make us any happier.

Here’s to one-year anniversaries, and more to come.

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