Using Explainer Videos in Mobile Advertising – What Your Business Can Learn from Blue Mountain

Our client Blue Mountain is doing a great job with mobile advertising, positioning themselves on the WeatherEye app from the Weather Network.

Anyone checking the weather in Collingwood (someone who is probably into skiing and snowboarding, like me) will see an ad about Blue Mountain’s season’s passes, with a link to a website page describing all of the details.

It was a brilliant pairing, and if you can think of such a natural fit for your business it could help you tap into the smartphone market yourself. Because if you haven’t heard, by 2013 there will be more smartphones sold than PCs!

One thing to remember, though, is the psychology of web videos. It tells us that 72 hours later, website viewers will only remember (act on) only 10% of what they’ve read or heard on a text-based website. Not to mention how difficult it can be to read any text on a mobile app.

If you want to maximize the value of your mobile advertising, consider sending your prospective clients right to a simple explainer video, rather then a text-based website.

Why? Folks who watch your message in explainer video format, rather than reading text, will remember a whopping 68% of what they saw – and that makes them far more likely to take action. This is especially true for mobile explainer videos. According to a study by Rhythm NewMedia, as reported in Mobile Marketer, mobile video retains 94% of viewers in the first 10 seconds (versus 81% for online video).

They also report that click-through ratios (CTRs) are 79% higher on display ads that mention video as a call to action (e.g., “Check out this video for all the details”).

So how can you follow Blue Mountain’s lead? Who might be a natural mobile advertising partner for you? And how could you be using video to explain your marketing message more clearly?

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