Explaining the CommonCraft Explainer Network – We Produce the Best Explainer Videos!

Did you know that Switch Video is part of the CommonCraft Explainer Network? The Explainer Network was launched in November 2008, when, Lee and Sachi, the founders of CommonCraft wanted to create a “win-win-win” situation for:

1) Explainer network clients, who get their needs met.

CommonCraft had more business than they could handle after their own videos started going viral. The most popular one was Twitter in Plain English – not surprising when you consider that Twitter reached 175 million registered users in September 2010. After seeing how effective explainer videos can be to explain a product or service, more and more businesses want their own video.

2) Explainer video experts, who get to make more explainer videos. Obviously.

Membership in the Explainer Network gives us more exposure to prospective clients, with a listing on the Explainer Network page and sample videos on the CommonCraft blog.

3) CommonCraft, who stay on top of demand.

They get to help potential customers instead of turning them away, and reinforce their own position as leaders in this industry. They also earn revenue from membership fees.

CommonCraft is a story in itself. Be sure to check out their site for the story of how husband and wife team Lee and Sachi LeFever started making explainer videos.

Here’s the current line-up of awesome members in the Explainer Network, with a sample of their work:

1/29 Explainers (sample video: What is Geocaching)
Lilipip (sample video: Zappos)
Splainers (sample video: Email Disaster)
Epipheo Studios (sample video: How the Internet is Changing Advertising)
Explania (sample video: How to Find a New Job Using LinkedIn)
Switch Video (that’s us!) (sample video: Give a Man a Fish?)

We’re really honored to be part of the Explainer Network. As CommonCraft says, “explanation is a skill,” and not everyone who makes great videos makes great explainer videos.

We know we’re in good company here. Kudos to everyone in our network for your excellent work!

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