Public relations (PR) video and PR marketing- A Gulf Oil Spill Case Study

The role of video in PR marketing

When a big event happens in the world, more and more people turn to the web for the latest news and public opinion, and for a place to make their own voices heard.

PR marketing professionals are well aware of this, and so when their clients are the ones at the center of it all, they’re quick to use the Internet – and PR video – to educate, persuade and sway the rest of us.

Check this interesting stat – BP was spending approximately $57,000 per month on AdWords before the oil spill crisis in the Gulf. How much did they spend in June 2010 after the spill? About $3.6 million (stats from Advertising Age).

BP’s PR marketing video and it’s role in swaying public opinion

In addition to Pay-per-Click, BP knew that in order to have a chance to sway public opinion, they’d need PR videos. As a result, video was a big part of their strategy. Purple Strategies, BP’s reputation management consultants, knew that videos would show up prominently for any search about the oil spill, and they wanted to make sure BP’s own videos would be there. This strategy worked. People searched, and found BP’s video. Whether a video could have ever been enough to sway public opinion in this case is a matter of debate – given the scale of the environmental catastrophe.

The point? When it comes to managing public opinion, video should play a huge role.

On a related note, Waste Management hired Switch Video to create a video highlighting their role as first responders in the clean up efforts in the Gulf. Learn more about their “Green Team” and the difference they made by watching the video below.

Both of these examples show the huge importance of PR marketing in online reputation management, and how important it is for companies to have a widespread online presence – that includes PR videos.

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