Animated Video for Business That Converts AND Gets Traffic – A Potent Marketing Combination!

Animated Business Video + Video Transcripts =  Marketing Success!

At Switch Video, we produce marketing tools in the form of highly effective animated business video. Our product helps our clients sell more of their product… significantly more. When a viewer watches animated web video, they retain much more of a clients message.

So imagine how excited we were when we found a company with a tool that helps our animated video for business get more traffic.

When we talked about five good reasons to add closed captions to your commercial web video, we mentioned that when captions that are embedded into the video itself, that text is not necessarily recognized by search engines. This doesn’t have to be the case.

That’s why we were excited to discover SpeakerText. They’ve come up with a way to create a searchable, shareable, accessible and ultimately useable text transcript of your video. We’ve never seen anything like it!

From the SpeakerText website…

“The Internet started off as a web of text documents, but as it matured and technology advanced, people started using it to share pictures, and music, and videos. But search engines like Google can still only see and understand text. If you’re someone who is serious about putting video on the Web, this is a big problem for you. SpeakerText is a new service for video publishers that turns video into text and puts your videos on Google’s radar. SpeakerText detects all the videos on your site and loads an interactive transcript plugin––called the SpeakerBar––beneath each video that’s been transcribed. The SpeakerBar shows you the full video text and automatically highlights each sentence as the video plays.”

Get your business videos found by search engines!

As a producer of business videos that already convert viewers at high rates, you can understand why we would be excited to find a service that will allow every business video we produce to get even more traffic! Talk about adding value to a customer’s purchase!

Once you choose a pricing plan (beginning at FREE, we might add), you submit your video to SpeakerText and pay $2 per-minute fee for the transcription. The paid plans have additional SEO features  and support options.

There are limits on the number of people who can view your video transcript in each billing cycle, but SpeakerText will let you know when you’re getting close so you can either upgrade or just stop displaying the transcript until the next cycle starts.

Note that if you’re not using WordPress, you’ll need a techie who can connect to the SpeakerText API (application programming interface).

Here at Switch Video, we’re considering how we’re going to incorporate the SpeakerText service into our work creating web marketing videos for corporate, commercial, public relations and business video clients.

Check out their website for more details about why you should consider using SpeakerText to create enhanced transcripts for your web videos. Remember that transcripts will help your videos be more accessible to more people – and easier to find for search engines, to boot!

Or you could watch this video:

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