This client’s animated marketing video came with unusual challenges…

Animated marketing video creation – for a client on the other side of the world…

The award for our most geographically challenging client goes to FeedXL.  Creating this animated marketing video was another first for us: to work with a client in New Zealand (read– time zone challenge!) and to tackle a video explaining the benefits of horse nutrition analysis.  Creating animated marketing videos is meant to be fun, but we also had to find a way to include all of the science that they needed to showcase their software and product, while making the video something that would be relevant across cultures.

FeedXL is established in the New Zealand and Australian markets, but is aiming to expand into North America. Our staff quickly realized that the lead on the project, Susan Meszaros, was open to new ideas and trusted our creative process.  This video has just the right amount of humor to make some hard facts digestible and accessible to different markets.

Challenges or not, they loved the video!

She had this to say all the way from New Zealand:

“Switch Marketing surpassed our expectations and needs… I tell others how efficient and talented you guys are. It’s rare to see such good project management and such a focused team. Well done.”

FeedXL is one of many examples of how we integrate the focused vision of a client’s product, and transform it into an animated marketing video that makes it into an easily understood concept.  And they are a wonderful example of a client who trusts our team, our sense of humor and empowers us to make them look good.

Pats on backs all around!

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