Charlie Sheen, Maybe You Should Try an Animated Explainer Video

So Charlie, I know you’ve got the brilliant minds from helping you out with this social media thing, but I have to say that I’m just not getting it. Tiger blood? Bi-winning? Help me out here! Since your brain is clearly “not from this terrestrial realm,” maybe to help us understand you, you should try an animated explainer video.

There are already plenty of Charlie Sheen cartoon strips that are making fun of you, how about an animated video that gets your ideas across in a way that more people can understand and remember? I know you’re out there making magic with your brain, but there’s some brain science magic behind explainer videos that could help bridge the gap between you and us mere mortals.

Seriously, our discovery survey would give you the time it takes to really sort out your thoughts and what it is that you want to say to your audience. And we’ve got great script writers who listen. They’ll listen as long as it takes to figure out what on earth you’re talking about. And once the script is ready, I’m sure our animators could put it all together in a 2-minute video that clearly illustrate the most complicated concepts you can conjure.

Give us a call when you’re ready, Charlie. Just you though. We’ll leave your ‘goddesses’ out of the picture for now. And if you’ve got 10 minutes, forget the call – just get started now! From discovery to launch, we’ll have every one of your rants neatly summarized in less than 5 weeks.

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