Switch Video uses ProofHQ to create Tokii product launch video in 10 days

This is a guest post from our friend John Zimmerman from ProofHQ. Thanks, John!

Tokii came to Switch Video looking for something that would showcase their product — relationship management software — at the Tokii launch at the 2011 South by Southwest (SXSW) music, arts and technology festival which starts tomorrow in Austin, Texas. You’ve heard of client relationship management (CRM) software, right? Well, Tokii is a fresh solution for young couples to manage their romantic relationships so they can stay connected. Switch Video took a really fun approach to engage the potential Tokii user base at SXSW.

When they approached Switch Video, Tokii had a really tight timeline — 10 days to complete the video! Luckily, Switch Video relies on ProofHQ, a collaborative tool that manages proofs and approvals. Switch Video uses ProofHQ for all their clients, but with Tokii, Switch Video were really able to see how streamlined their video production process had become!

Karla Stephens-Tolstoy, CEO and co-founder of Tokii.com, told Switch Video, ”We had the most aggressive timeline to get our video ready for SXSW. The team at Switch Video said, ‘It will be tight, but we can do it because we use software called ProofHQ’. When I started using the software, I was super impressed, and this is the truth: I sent an email out saying, ‘love the video and really love how easy the process is. This software you use is so easy and gives me all the tools I need to provide feedback’.”

And by the way, the Tokii launch video is really kick-ass, just like Tokii is. ☺

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