Script Writing for Explainer Video: Process and Insights from a Switch Video Script Writer

Script writing begins the whole video production process

Even before our video animators get their hands and pens on your video, even before we sit down and talk the first time, our video script writers will already be dreaming up ways to explain to the world exactly what you do.

A script? What is this, Hollywood? Well, sort of. You see, the script contains the text that our voice-over actor will read while the animation for your video is playing across the screen. It also includes the description of what the animators will be drawing (the actions, background and any text that will appear on the screen).

When you fill in our Discovery Questionnaire, our script writers review your answers, spend some time on your website and of course look at any ideas or drafts that you’ve already come up with.

From a Script Writer herself:

Rebecca Lind, who started as a script writer and is now a Switch Video Project Manager, says that script writers LOVE hearing your initial thoughts about what kind of style, language or energy you might want for your video. For example:

  • Do you want something light-hearted and funny, or something more serious?
  • Do you want a conversational, laid back tone, or more of a corporate feeling?
  • Do you want to tell a story that’s centered around a character – your ideal client, perhaps – or do you want to give a general description of your product, service or company?

It’s okay if you’re not sure, or if you’d rather hear our suggestions first. We’ll put together some ideas in different styles so that you can get a better feel for which one might work for you.

Once you’ve chosen from these initial concepts, we’ll create a draft of the script for you to review. We use Google Docs, a powerful (and free!) online document manager that makes it super easy to collaborate with our clients. It may take some getting used to, but we’ll walk you through it, don’t worry!

By creating your script as a Google Doc, all the members of your web video production team can access the latest and greatest version, no matter where they are in the world or when we made our last revisions. In fact, as we’re talking to you on the phone and listening to your feedback, we’ll be editing the document in real time and all you need to do is refresh your browser (or wait a minute and it will happen automatically) to see it. Very cool!

Want to know what surprises our clients most about script writing? The word count.

Need a one-minute video? That gives you 160 words. Want a 30-second video? You’ve got 70-80 words. We know you’ve got a lot to say, but let us help you trim it down or say it another way. For some things, we can SHOW instead of TELL, by letting the animators draw out some of the concepts or details onscreen (and besides, our animators have way too much time on their hands and need some more work to do!).

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