How a Video Sitemap will Improve Your Video SEO Results and Explode Your Website Traffic

A Video sitemap gets SEO results. More traffic, more customers.

Have you ever noticed that special section of the Google search results page that highlights the video results for whatever search term you entered? With a video sitemap in place, your video will be more likely to show up in that spot!So how exactly would one accomplish the creation of a video sitemap, you might ask? 

We’ve sung Wistia’s praises before, and we will again. Wistia is a video hosting service with an amazing set of tools to enhance your web video marketing efforts. For example, we wrote in another post about how Wistia’s heatmaps help you measure and improve the effectiveness of your videos.

Now just wait to hear what they can do for your video SEO and website traffic!

You’ve probably already heard of a sitemap, but here are the basics just in case: A sitemap is a list of all of your website pages. This might be something hidden behind the scenes (an XML file) that helps search engine robots to index the pages and deliver them to users who are searching. You might also create a special page (an HTML file) on your website that lists and links to all of your pages – this will be useful to your visitors as well as for search engines.

What does this have to do with videos? Well, with Wistia’s help, you can create a special type of sitemap just for videos – greatly increasing your SEO and traffic back to your website.

Here’s how video sitemaps work.

Get better placement in video results

Google’s universal search returns videos mixed in with their standard results. Because there are typically less relevant videos for a given keyword, having targeted video content can really boost your placement!

Send traffic directly to your website

When people click your videos in the search results, they’re taken directly to your website—not to YouTube.

Appear in video-only search results

More and more people are using video search. Reach new customers by having your videos listed.

Check out Wistia’s website for more details and benefits of video sitemaps and how it’s done. And remember, when you work with Switch Video to create a web video, we format it to look great in Wistia, and we even pay for your first two months of Wistia service.

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