10 More Great Videos Worth Watching

7 Billion: Are You Typical? This video from National Geographic takes you through some fascinating facts and reveals the face of the most typical person in the world.

Theory of Connectivity This video by Adam Voorhes and team uses a whiteboard technique similar to our own Switchboard process. There’s no script because they’re not actually “explaining” anything, but the music really drives it along.

Realizer: An Introduction This animated explainer video gives the low-down on a cool (and free) new program that helps developers, web designers, ad agencies or anyone who wants to create a prototype for their own iPhone or iPad app. And the phrase “easy, peasy, lemon-squeezy”? That’s bound to catch on!

This “Day Made of Glass… Made possible by Corning” is full of some crazy cool futuristic stuff – and while I’m not sure I want people to be able to email me in the bathroom, stats say a lot of use our smart phones in there anyway.

Global Android Activations, Oct ’08-Jan ’11 Watch the fireworks display in this video that shows minute-by-minute spikes across the globe as each new Android user activates their device for the first time.

Loggly – A cloud-based service to help you deal with your computer’s log files. This video is from Epipheo Studios, our buddies from the Common Craft Explainer Network.

Polluter Harmony Ad: Peter & Janet’s Story – Canadian political comedy at its best, this video was posted by Greenpeace Canada and features “tar-crossed” lovers Peter Kent (Canada’s Minister of the Environment) and Janet, an oil executive.

Virgin America Safety Video – Virgin America offers a creative twist on airplane safety in this animated video.

The Crisis Credit – This animated explainer video by Jonathan Jarvis makes (more) sense out of the American credit crisis.

Sharing in Google Docs – As we mentioned in this post about our script-writing process, we’re big fans of Google Docs here at Switch Video. Here’s a great animated explainer video about some enhancements Google made to GDocs in the summer of 2010.

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