Let Creators Create. Micromanagement can only hurt your business

Business owners, get out of the kitchen and just enjoy the feast!

Have you heard the expression about too many cooks in the kitchen? Well, sometimes as a business owner, you get caught playing chief cook AND bottle washer, taking on more tasks than you bargained for – and maybe more than you need to.

And who can blame you? This is your business – your baby – and you want things done right. And nobody knows more about your business than you.

True enough… but you’ve hired each of those experts for a reason. Do you really want to debate the best accounting software, or just be able to see your P&L statement before your team meeting? And do you REALLY need to approve every office supply purchase, or do you just want there to be a stapler on your desk when you need one?

Yet even when you’ve hired experts, it’s still tempting to stay in that kitchen, instead of being out front greeting customers, or at a brainstorming retreat working on your big picture business strategy.

What does any of this have to do with Switch and our animated explainer videos? Well, even though we definitely love to hear our clients’ input during the script writing and animation stages, there’s a point where they need to step back and let our creative geniuses do their thing.

Our greatest successes come from our most creative projects!

Do want to know a secret? Some of our most successful videos were the ones where the client had the least input. After all, explaining complicated things with a brief video is what we do best. So once you explain your business/product/service to us in the Discovery Questionnaire process, we’re right in our element.

But the more constraints we have because of really specific ideas that clients bring to the table, the less free we are to work our creative mojo. And that sometimes means we don’t get the results any of us were hoping for. Ouch!

So whether it’s accounting, human resources, paperwork, marketing, or creative stuff like making a web video, stick to what you do best, and hire experts with a track record of success with projects like yours. Then, let them do what THEY do best. In the end, your business will flourish and you’ll have the time and peace of mind to enjoy every minute of it!

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